Corporate Law Advisory

Corporate Law Advisory

Corporate Law Advisory

Corporate law encompasses many aspects of businesses and regulates how stakeholders can act within their company, which makes solid corporate legal advisory essential for any business It is important for corporations to understand the liability and ownership held by different stakeholders in your company.

We at Affinity Global Capital, as professional and caring practitioners, always aim to fully understand our clients’ perspective. We understand our clients’ needs and various legal services that may be required under different circumstances.

Our Offerings

Retainer ship of listed companies in statutory compliances & secretarial support

Appearance before SEBI as authorized representative

Compliance health check

Business planning & strategy


Retainer ship Secretarial services are performed by an expert practicing company secretary retained by the company for managing such services on the agreed terms of the pay and charges. It is an important part of corporate and strict penalties are imposed under the Companies and LLP Act.

Appearing as an authorized representative before SEBI on various matters on Companies Act.

Corporate law covers a wide range of topics including formation, structure, relationships and ownership of business. Hence it is important to plan and strategize keeping the legal framework in mind.

The overall status of all compliances of the company is checked from all the perspectives, be it legal, secretarial or financial is identified in a compliance health check procedure. Further, remedial actions are undertaken! Without any remedial action, the consequences for mistakes can quickly compound.


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