Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring refers to the actions taken by a corporate entity to modify its legal or capital structure in order to bring out developmental changes! Objectives of corporate restructuring could be complying with new policies, achieving growth, expanding or limiting the business and its operations, etc!

Our Offerings

Whole planning of Merger & Demerger

Inbound & Outbound investment Restructuring

Due Diligence

Pre-IPO planning


Our certified – professionals will guide you with all the steps like searching for potential targets, planning strategies, valuation analysis, due diligence etc.

There’s a lot of planning and groundwork that takes place before an IPO is launched which includes due diligence of the company from all the aspects. This also involves the structuring of a company in such a way that company can be eligible for IPO if they are really looking for the same. A company also goes in for Pre IPO placement whereby they sell their shares at a discount from IPO Price to offset the risk that the IPO carries with itself. In case of an IPO, due diligence is regularly carried out to assess the market maturity of the IPO candidate.

We carry out investigations, audits and review everything before proposing deals or proceeding with transactions. It covers secretarial, financial, legal & business due diligence. Also identify risk associated with each of the sectors and conclude in how mitigate those risks.

We provide guidance on cross borders investments both inbound and outbound! We assist in all the regulatory methods including obtaining approvals from the respective authorities involved.


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